Are you ready to claim your feminine soul blueprint?

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The feminine soul print...

Lives in each and every one of us.

And as an Energy Transformation Alchemists...

I am here to help you HEAL TRANSFORM AND CREATE  life according to your own unique blueprint.

My Story

I invite you to dive deep into your innate sacred feminine gifts and knowing.

The gift of intuition, wisdom and high frequency that is your unique blueprint.

Ready to transform your energy, to show up with powerful confidence and clarity to create the life you desire?

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Darling, let's do this!


What is your current biggest challenge and how do you think I can help?

It’s time to birth new ways of being.

Experiences of working with me look like:


  • Showing up with powerful inner confidence and clarity in challenging work environment to personal relationships.
  • Healing energetic blocks manifesting as anxiety to depression to feeling ecstatic about life again.
  • Feeling connected to your femininity again where intuition wisdom and sensuality becomes a way of being.
  • Reconnecting to your true purpose, packaging your skills and pasion into a business/ a way of giving value to the world, where you feel self reliant.
  • Up-levelling your lifestyle dreams and goals and embodying them with authenticity.
  • And for some, it’s all about finding themselves again and this time going for what they want!

What my ladies say…

I’ve been amazed that even after one healing meditation, she transformed my energetic vibe and I felt revitalised and ready to take things on at a level I had not been close to in many years…


I had been experiencing fractured times and the focus on my authentic inner self during the day enabled me to let go of emotions and energy that were keeping me stuck and I felt joy and release.


What I love the most about Folake is that she’s been through it all, she understands what women go through and will help you stand on your two feet. Firmly, and beautifully, as you meant to.


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