Do this simple thing when you feel lost, anxious or feeling down.

The energy around us is constantly changing. 

This is why sometimes we may feel great, the next time not so great.

In moment of confusion, anxiety or feeling down, it is very easy to quickly try and fix things or like my client below – panic for fear of not coming out of it.

But these moment ask that you connect a little bit deeper to YOU to hear and feel what you are being called for right now.

Oe of my beautiful client was experiencing being down and she was worried she may go back down the anxiety route she had experienced in the past… 

So instead of seeing this period as “bad” I ask that she uses this as an opportunity to ‘download’.

As an Energy Transformation Alchemist, one of the most powerful ways I help the women that I  am honoured to be walking this path with – is helping them tap into the heart and womb space for healing and clarity.

You see when go to the heart and womb level, we hear the truth and sometimes it may be something totally different to what we may be thinking or doing.

She downloaded that she was at a crossroads and was being told its time for change. 

She saw that subconsciously she had been stressed and physically uptight for quite a while and could see how that was already affecting her loved ones.

She became aware of how she was becoming more impatient with people around her (something she had failed to fully acknowledge in her busyness).

With awareness comes the next part – 

What am I being called for now?

We made a list of 5 things that her heart was calling for and these were totally different to what she would have been doing, had she not reconnected to this level.

We made a plan to reduce her work hours and seek a new job in the process.

We also created a daily sacred feminine ritual for her to be in alignment with what she was trying to create.

Just this process lifted her vibration and gave her a new purpose – fully aligned with who she was.

Life’s constantly changing, we are constantly changing.

When you learn to start to see period of “ickiness” I call it – opportunities to transform to who you truly are and what you are being called for, then you are never in fear of the dark times.

What are you being called for right now?

There is no better time, to transform the fear, anxiety and overwhelm into a wonderful life.

Perhaps we can start with creating your own personal feminine blueprint ritual for transformation and soul integration?

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