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A woman’s highest calling is to awaken to their feminine and follow the call to create.

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✨ Let go of things that no longer serve you right now
✨ Remember just how capable you are to heal and transform yourself from within
✨ Tap into confidence, courage and a sense of security
✨ Take control of how you feel at any given time regardless of external pressures
✨ Step into your dream/vision, using the power of the womb to bring it forth.

My Story…

I still remember the day, I sat across the doctor who delivered the heavy blow. “Your scan shows a brain tumour” he said.

And that was the beginning of a journey to heal, drawing me to do my own inner work, reconnect to my feminine and chase my dreams.

On this journey, I was instinctively drawn to the stories my grandmother told about her mother.

A lady said to be so brilliant at healing people and was seen as the ‘Medicine Woman”. This great grandmother of mine (whom I never met) fascinated me. And I always knew I had something of her in me.

And so my journey began to unleash my feminine calling… the “Medicine Woman” within me.

Unleashing the medicine woman...

 I was depleted in energy, lacking in self confidence and clarity. 

I’d just been through a relationship break down and newly single mother to a 2 year old in tow.

I dived into my inner work, with a six year journey into tantra on the journey to awaken the sacred women dying to come out! 

The journey took me into Shamanism and Alchemy, learning about tools to help people heal trauma and unblock stuck energy.


Lo and behold! These tools saved my life.

On this journey, my brain tumour miraculously healed and I found a new leash of life.


I want to help as many women tap into their inner power, to fully show up and create like they are here to!


My intention is to support you on this transformational journey where we work from your inner to create your outer reality.


I will show you techniques to master your energy and step into your sacred feminine, to show up in the world with power, courage and clarity.

Work with me

 I believe everything I have been through has brought me and prepared me for the work I do today. Guiding women back to their power to heal, transform and create with intention.

I understand the issues you’re dealing with... challenging corporate environments, dealing with major relationship breakup, single motherhood, starting over and living through it.

As an Energy Transformation Alchemist, I will hold the space for your own self-discovery, healing and transformation perhaps unlike anything you’ve experienced until now.

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