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A Path to Universal Energy – Oneness

A Path to Universal Energy – Oneness

The most authentic way to live one’s life is to be true to oneself first and foremost.

To be true to oneself is to be AT ONE with it all.

When you step into willingness to accept all that you are, you give yourself permission TO BE and BECOME. 

Many people over time have become diluted in their essence, because they do not take the time to look at who they really are and accept all they are right here, right now.

And in so doing, they carry and see instead what is being projected to them externally (by their partners, family, friends, colleagues, strangers) and therefore act accordingly.

There is nothing congruent with this way of life and this is one of the main roots of anxiety and depression for many. The inability to accept oneself and at the same time control that which is external of you.

Oneness is a word that originates from this same energy of seeing, acknowledging and accepting it all just as it is.

It is part of our Path (human journey) to decide when we choose to accept all that we are as we are – the good and bad (although in actual fact there is no good or bad – just your perception of things).

And until that moment, you walk the path of the unknown and of others for you.

You could say the route to awakening is one that leads you to this acceptance of ONENESS – of being at peace with it all, just as it is.

Knowing who you are, what you are about, accepting not just yourself as you are but of others around you, even when it doesn’t feel aligned to your expectations. 

For this acceptance of oneness is knowing that everything is exactly as it should be in this present moment.


Take a moment today to sit quietly and feel back into your body, your breath, the sensations within you, the position to which you sit, where you sit, the environment to which you are in, the landscape around you, the people, your current situation and who you are being.

Expand your consciousness into all these areas in this exact same step and be at peace with it all, without judgement or attachment – knowing it is exactly as it should be.

Stay in this energy of meditation for at least 15mins, when you are done, step into a state of gratitude for the seeing, acceptance and blessings of this moment and go about your day in this energy.

This simple practice if repeated over and over again brings you back into oneness that is everything – where everything is only but a reflection of each other. 

And when you are aligned with this energy of oneness, it is difficult for anyone to knock you off your pedestal, for you are at peace with it all just as it is and at one with the universal energy.

May this serve you well.

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Helplessness to Richness – it’s your time.

Helplessness to Richness – it’s your time.

I am not in a good place she said.
I cannot focus on the right things. ?‍♀️

I feel deep feelings of unhappiness within me. 
I can’t sleep and I can’t eat and I feel tired and uncentered.

How do I pull this together? 
How do I get my motivation for life back?
I feel overwhelm. 

This is a common scenario with my first contact with some of my clients.

I call these stage of life, the dark nights.
The seem brought on by external factors, that on the surface seem like out of our control.

Yet on a spiritual level, I see it as part of the journey of the unfolding, evolution, re-birthing. ?

It’s the dark night, because in most cases, there seem to be no-one you can truly voice some of these deep feelings you are experiencing.

It’s you, facing your shadows – and they come in full force, in the night of day. ?

This stage in life, calls you to step into your power.

To remember who you truly are – and stop pretending.

It ask for you to stand up and own the courage to create your boundaries. ⚡️

Most importantly, it ask that you know you are worthy, enough and here to give the world your authentic gift.

It ask that your learn to listen to your own intuition, wisdom, your inner world. ?

Become spiritual led, for that is what you are – Soul.

I call this stepping into your ‘feminine blueprint’. ?
Your inner power.

It is truly the point when you start to own all you truly are – knowing you are worthy of your desires (health, love, abundance).

I say YAY! to more women stepping into their feminine blueprint ✨

Leave a ? if you agree.

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This may be why you feel stressed out and not in flow.

This may be why you feel stressed out and not in flow.

The idea of SEPARATION is the cause of stress, anxiety and the death of many dreams and hopes.

When we see 
✨ ourselves separated from others
✨ our passion separated from our living
✨ our desires separated from our necessities

We start to compartmentalise different areas of our lives.

I believe this is where the root of stress, chaos and inability to step into flow originates.

For to be in flow is to fully own and bring all of you, in all do you – as a whole.

Some simple practices the has made wonders for my clients include:

Start by asking yourself…

✨ How can I start to show up fully as who I am at work/ in my business, without needing to fit into the mould?

✨ How can I let go of control and surrender my day/ people just that little bit more, so I am more divine lead?

✨ And how can I truly begin to believe that I create my own reality from inside out – and not externally?

This simple theme here, I’ve seen changed relationships, manifest big income goals/ desires and transform energy.

How do you see yourself in relation to the world around you?

Big question I know, and I’d love to hear your views. ? 

Share below ??

Ps: Have you downloaded the free video series?

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