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Have you given your power away?

Have you given your power away?

Why have you forgotten your magic and given your power away? ?

Your ability to create from intuition, creativity, love, beauty, and feel the fire within your womb. ?

In my work, I see women give their power away time and time again.

How do you know you’ve given your power away?

No longer satisfied in relationships, forgetting what truly makes you happy.

Putting your needs to the bottom of the pile, feeling you no longer have the energy.

Hearing yourself say… ‘I don’t feel like me anymore’

Needing other people’s approval for every single step you need to make. Your inner child wounds constantly at play ?

Lacking creativity, operating from fear and constantly in a state of anxiety, chaos or overwhelm …

You get my drift.

What will take for you to reconnect and remember you have everything you need to create what you desire?

That your true state is wholesome, expansive and powerful ✨

On a scale of 1 to 10, how complete do you feel right now in your femininity?

It all starts with awareness.

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How to use breath to manage your anxiety, stress level and sleep patterns.

How to use breath to manage your anxiety, stress level and sleep patterns.


This will help you, if you suffer from anxiety, lack of sleep or just getting stressed out with all the holiday season planning and expectations.

One of my clients was suffering from anxiety and lack of sleep.

We are mainly using her breath to manage this, which has had a profound effect.
One major thing she found that transformed her, which you may relate to….

She found that she was mainly breathing through her right nostril. This is the side of the body that prepares your body for activities and keeps your body alert.

Her body was constantly on the go go go and not regulating itself to the relaxed stage when she needed it. And in turn her sleep tend not to be restful.

It is worth noting that for some, you may find that the opposite is the case for you. So your body never feels energised, making you constantly tired. The aim is to get your body regulating between both sides, depending on the time of day and what we are doing (for example eating, fitness or ready to sleep).

On an energetic side, my queen (client) was constantly in her masculine, always wanting to be in control, expecting a lot and then stressing out, which was for sure doing her no good.

Using a 5 mins breath exercise we focused on teaching her body to energise in the morning, regulate during the day and totally relax at night.

Even I am amazed at the result.

She is calmer, still feels in control but relaxed with it and ohh she is sleeping better. This is something that can be achieved with a little bit of guidance and accountability.

Right now – put your index finger underneath your nose, and breath out… three times. Which nose is the air coming out of most?

Say below.??

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A quick way to tap into powerful self confidence  when you feel you need to prove your worth or not good enough (in business and or career)…

A quick way to tap into powerful self confidence when you feel you need to prove your worth or not good enough (in business and or career)…

Last week, the issues of confidence came up for two of the beautiful ladies I support.

  • In one case the issue was about having the confidence to ask for what she wanted.
  • In the other, it was about how to show up with confidence when you are ‘shy’ and you feel you are not good enough.

Both of these scenarios, a lot of women can relate to. Women mostly have a tendency to feel they are not good enough for what they want or even what they currently have.

Impostor Syndrome & Lack of Self Worth effect in motion.

It affects women careers, love life and growth in general.
It is either you:

  • are always trying to to prove your worth
  • or you stay hiding and don’t show up

I suffered from Impostor Syndrome for so many years whilst running my Video Production Company. So much so, I made my film directors the face of my business and on shoot I’d pretend to be the production assistant.?

And when I worked in tech, I did the opposite, I was always trying to prove that I was worth the money I was being paid. Never feeling I was worth it. A vicious circle because you cannot compare your worth to any about of money.

It all changed when I started practicing EMBODIMENT!

A process that helps you fully feel into the state of being worthy and knowing it. ?

For both of my clients here, I take them casually through a process where energetically they enter a state where they know they are worth it. And the result speaks for themselves.

So here is your task:

Before you go into another situation where you feel a dose of confidence is needed … do this:

Practice tapping into the emotional reasons why you need that thing. See it, feel it and believe it.

Feel the energy of the desire within your body, then go do your thing and surrender to whatever outcome, may come.

This is what I call the process of embodiment and its a process I use in my programme and day workshop. It is magic in action and you can use it starting right now.

Hope it works for you. Love to know your thoughts. x

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