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Why you should try something new every month…

Why you should try something new every month…

“You are very brave” she said to me, when I mentioned to a friend something I am doing this month.

“Yep, I guess, I love trying new things, I am so used to it now.” I said to her.

A lot of people I know are scared of change. 
They are very at home in their comfort zone.

The problem however is that, by not trying new things, nothing changes.

Your problems remain the same, mindset same and even if you have big dreams – they are hard to reach.

Beginning of last year I started an intention to try something new every month – an experience, a place to visit, a challenge – whatever.

2020 I am still trying something new every month.

This intention I can truly say has totally brought more colour and adventure into my life.

It has helped in letting go of fear in going after what I desire and opening up avenues to attract them.

This is in me Antigua, where my challenge for the month was to take the courage to eat an Oyster. 
I absolutely hated it! ?

But now, I know what I’ve always known – that they are disgusting! ?

February… what new experience would you try?
Love to hear. ?

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Helplessness to Richness – it’s your time.

Helplessness to Richness – it’s your time.

I am not in a good place she said.
I cannot focus on the right things. ?‍♀️

I feel deep feelings of unhappiness within me. 
I can’t sleep and I can’t eat and I feel tired and uncentered.

How do I pull this together? 
How do I get my motivation for life back?
I feel overwhelm. 

This is a common scenario with my first contact with some of my clients.

I call these stage of life, the dark nights.
The seem brought on by external factors, that on the surface seem like out of our control.

Yet on a spiritual level, I see it as part of the journey of the unfolding, evolution, re-birthing. ?

It’s the dark night, because in most cases, there seem to be no-one you can truly voice some of these deep feelings you are experiencing.

It’s you, facing your shadows – and they come in full force, in the night of day. ?

This stage in life, calls you to step into your power.

To remember who you truly are – and stop pretending.

It ask for you to stand up and own the courage to create your boundaries. ⚡️

Most importantly, it ask that you know you are worthy, enough and here to give the world your authentic gift.

It ask that your learn to listen to your own intuition, wisdom, your inner world. ?

Become spiritual led, for that is what you are – Soul.

I call this stepping into your ‘feminine blueprint’. ?
Your inner power.

It is truly the point when you start to own all you truly are – knowing you are worthy of your desires (health, love, abundance).

I say YAY! to more women stepping into their feminine blueprint ✨

Leave a ? if you agree.

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Are you ready to stop repeating the same mistakes?

Are you ready to stop repeating the same mistakes?

When you start considering WHAT instead of WHY – magic may just start happening for you…

You may have heard the idea that we choose our own experiences in life.

Sometimes, this can be a hard pill ? to swallow.

So much so, I hear people say ‘but why would I choose this painful/ challenging experience?!’ ?‍♀️

I’d like to give a different perspective and angle to take on this if I may….

The next time you hear yourself asking ‘why is this happening to me again’ or why me?’ ?‍♀️

I’d like you to consider this instead:
‘What in this experience am I attached/ attracted to?’ ⁉️

Usually when something we consider ‘bad’ is happening to us, it’s very easy to take all that experience as a whole.

But in my experience, there tends to be an aspect of that experience that we are subconsciously attracted to.

And on a deep level, you are tuned into the vibration of this energy and on a physical level manifesting it, because that is what we do – creating our own experience.

For example, it could be:

✨ the ‘challenge’ it brings

✨ the diversity it brings to your life

✨ or the fact that subconsciously you see it as an opportunity to prove your self worth.

The list goes on.

These desires are usually so well hidden in our subconscious and most times deeply rooted in our past experiences like childhood trauma, heart break, etc.

Taking an outside perspective and pinpointing the aspect of the experience you are attracted to, helps you take this next step.

You ask:

How can I experience this same deep level desire without xxx xxx or by xxxx xxx (insert any of your painful cycles). ?

This is the moment you become a conscious creator – experiencing more meaningful and soul fulfilling experience. ?

Because, when we can back our desires with deep emotion, we easily manifest them.

This is a powerful and life changing practice you can start today. ?

So m’lady, what circles are you repeating right now that you’d like to release/change?

Could you pinpoint what attracts you to these same pattern you keep repeating?

Do share your experiences ✨

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