The keys to an ecstatic fulfilling life through the womb, your yoni and heart.

An immersive experience for women who want to reconnect.

Get a comfortable place and clothing when watching and be active.

Day 4 Experience!

Tap Into Love - Heart


Day 5: Keeping the Resonance

Free Video Series -An immersive experience for women who want to reconnect.

Coming Soon


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About Folake

 I believe everything I have been through has brought me and prepared me for the work I do today. Guiding women back to their power to heal, transform and create with intention.

I understand the issues you’re dealing with... challenging corporate environments, dealing with major relationship breakup, single motherhood, starting over and living through it.

As an Energy Transformation Alchemist, I will hold the space for your own self-discovery, healing and transformation perhaps unlike anything you’ve experienced until now.

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