How many times have you let fear, doubt, and anxiety get in the way of your dreams?

How many times have you accepted the hand you are dealt with as the truth, instead of taking control and changing the situation?
✋? I know I have—lots of times!

3 years ago, I went to Bali; there I was told this is not your path, change it… but I was too scared to do so.

I worried about what people would think, whether I could financially support myself, whether I’d fail and million other worries.

2 years ago, I went to Portugal; there I was told again, this is who you were in past lifetimes, and this is what you’ve come to do in this lifetime—do it.
But thank God, this time, I finally listened and followed the fear.

On this journey, my purpose became clearer, my abilities as an intuitive stronger, my connection to God deeper, my love and compassion for all larger.

With one short session with someone, I am given a clear, precise message for them—clearing years of blocks.

I am finding my abilities to help people re-integrate with their soul self a powerful experience, and I am still in awe of that part of me—but I am surrendering to it.

The last year in particular, has been life-changing. People dropped off my journey, priorities have changed, and I am learning to trust the process and let go where needed.

I love what I am here to do, and feel totally blessed by the universe in how she pays me for my gift

Your current fear, doubt, anxiety, depression are your path to your transformation. Do not let them become your blocks.

I am here to personally tell you that this path, this journey to healing, is worth stepping into a million times over.

Follow the rabbit hole. Now is your time.
Let us explore how I can support you.

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