Are you ready to discover how to up-level all aspects of life …

  • …the Easy way?

  • … the Fun way?

  • … the Divine Feminine way?



Embodying your purest highest version and clients are excited to pay for all you channel out.


Allowing 30k months in your reality just because you’re in the energy of being more and not doing more.


Having a business where dream clients simply flow toward you.


Being magnetic as your natural state and people turn heads when you walk into the room.


Having access to the deep wisdom of your intuition every time you need it and being clear and confident about your next steps.


Aligning your energy with what you want quickly and start experiencing quantum leaps.


Having more fun, ease, and pleasure in your day-to-day activities.

The truth is that your business {and life} can be easier if we allowed it to be.


And if you’re ready to be the woman who lives in easy, flowing abundance, it’s time for….

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The Feminine Wealth Mastery

A sacred 6-month personal power activation vortex to turn you on from the inside

A sacred 6-month personal power activation vortex to turn you on from the inside

Feminine wealth is an inside job.

It’s a frequency that's always available to you.

It’s about you being fully activated to receive financial overflow quickly.

You know that you have life-changing offers. You work hard, make money, and still feel that more is available with way more ease.

The truth is that you are only doing what you have been taught.

Perhaps you’ve been more in your masculine.

Pushing through the hardship, exhaustion, and fatigue.

Something needs to change.


When You’re Operating From Your Divine Feminine State, Business & Life Becomes Incredible.

The frequency from this container is next-level because you are meant to have it all.

The life you want.

The success you want.

The wealth you want.

The business you want.

It’s an honour to guide you in this next-level experience.

Let Me Share A Story

Just 7 years ago, I was in a job that was paying me £8.50p/h, whilst I was paying my childminder £10.50p/h to go to work.

I was heavily in debt, separated from my ex, and diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Many times I struggled to put food on the table and I just couldn’t see a way out.
During this period,

I found it challenging to step fully into my feminine power, my confidence, and follow my purpose.

When I ventured into energy work, I began to see the correlation to money blocks.

I’ve started doing the work and shifted my reality.

Healed by brain tumour.

Cleared debts of over £30,000.
Bought our family car in cash, minutes from seeing it

Buying a second property as a single mother.
Creating 10K, then 20K, then 30K Money Months.

Now, I align with the energy of abundance and money in a purposeful, joyful, and profoundly spiritual way.

I realised how powerful my gift was to help women heal from deep energetic blocks (such as anxiety to disconnection from body, heart, and soul),

When a woman is activated and opens up to her magic, there’s no logic or limits to how money flows, just like she opens up to life.

When we make money with the highest alignment, we change our lives and the world with it.

The Feminine Wealth Mastery Container Will Change Your Life From The Inside Out…

Through 6 months’ Immersive container, you’ll reconnect with the magic that you are so that you create that purposeful driven, and enriched life you desire.

You’ll finally be able to…

🔱  Awaken your magic.

🔱  Reconnect with your power.

🔱. Align with your purpose.

🔱  Receive all that’s available for you.

🔱. Magnetise what is meant to be yours.

🔱. Realign with your calling and purpose.

🔱. Attract wealth and abundance.

🔱. Create quantum leaps.

An Overview Of What You’ll Receive…


6-Months Inside The Container

The energy of the container is next-level money, the feminine way, and collapsing time.

Money Incubator

Together we will dive into:

  • Healing anything that stops you from making the money you want.
  • Unleashing your inner money goddess and feeling magnetic.
  • Stepping into receiving mode so it’s normal, natural and who you are.
  • Money activities and what are the right ones for you.
  • Allowing yourself to have the wealth you desire every month to scale.

Energetics Re-Alignment & Integration

Together we will dive into:

  • Staying connected with your energy so you don’t hold on to your client’s or other people’s energy.
  • Leading yourself to balance your feminine with your masculine so you are holding what you are creating.
  • Embodying the frequency of having quantum leaps.
  • Connecting with your intuition and manifest what you want.
  • Aligning with your next level.

Monthly Activation Codes

Monthly channeled content that is either recorded videos or live masterclass.

  • Rapidly expand your perception of what’s possible for you and activate you from within.

Sacred Private Women Circle

You’ll get answers to any questions that pop up throughout the process.

  • Along with continuing support and inspiration from a whole community of women reaching for the same goals!
  • You’ll also receive additional mentoring and accountability check-ins.

And it gets even better…

Registration Closes in...








Join the Feminine Wealth Mastery

6 Months or Whole Year – You Decide.

This Journey Is For You If

You are a pro at what you do and you know how to serve your clients.

However, at your core, you desire more ease with money, fun, and excitement for what you do.

Feel that you need to do more, hustle more to access that next level of wealth you want.

You have big money months but you feel like you can’t hold it. One way or another, it seems like you always go back to your minimum with money.

You like what you do and clients praise you BUT you feel that something is missing. You’re dreaming of having a purpose and meaning for what you do

You have a hard time switching off your mind and you create unnecessary tension in your body.

You want to finally embody your unique, true feminine essence and start experiencing alignment and magic in your business and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin?

The next intake will be announced soon and limited to a small number of women – so go on the waitlist as soon as you are able to!

What is the time commitment?
We have two weekly money goodess & two weekly energy activation sessions live sessions that you can drop into.

The Money Godess Sessions are recorded so you also have access to the replays if you can’t join live.

I have one more question that is not covered. How do I connect with Folake?
You can book a call with Folake here: https://calendly.com/folake

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