I am not in a good place she said.
I cannot focus on the right things. ?‍♀️

I feel deep feelings of unhappiness within me. 
I can’t sleep and I can’t eat and I feel tired and uncentered.

How do I pull this together? 
How do I get my motivation for life back?
I feel overwhelm. 

This is a common scenario with my first contact with some of my clients.

I call these stage of life, the dark nights.
The seem brought on by external factors, that on the surface seem like out of our control.

Yet on a spiritual level, I see it as part of the journey of the unfolding, evolution, re-birthing. ?

It’s the dark night, because in most cases, there seem to be no-one you can truly voice some of these deep feelings you are experiencing.

It’s you, facing your shadows – and they come in full force, in the night of day. ?

This stage in life, calls you to step into your power.

To remember who you truly are – and stop pretending.

It ask for you to stand up and own the courage to create your boundaries. ⚡️

Most importantly, it ask that you know you are worthy, enough and here to give the world your authentic gift.

It ask that your learn to listen to your own intuition, wisdom, your inner world. ?

Become spiritual led, for that is what you are – Soul.

I call this stepping into your ‘feminine blueprint’. ?
Your inner power.

It is truly the point when you start to own all you truly are – knowing you are worthy of your desires (health, love, abundance).

I say YAY! to more women stepping into their feminine blueprint ✨

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