You may or may not feel this, but you are truly on purpose, doing what you went back for.

We feel very excited you have awaken, for we have been waiting quite a while for your arrival.

There is much to do and time is of the essence. We have set the path for you and things are in motion.

There isn’t much for you to worry about, for all that it is, will unfold for you.

You can feel it in your heart, just follow its drum and its lead.

Your path is big and your purpose huge, there is no going back.

What we need is for you to step into the gift, that is your mission.

All that you currently desire will help you along this path, so follow those heart desires and never feel ashamed of your wants, dreams and hopes.

Stay grounded, be playful and in the moment – for the soul tribe you are here for will show up – it is your destiny.

Most importantly always always trust and remember who you truly are – divinity in all its light, love and glory.

We are always with you. Always.

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