Your support start immediately.

From this point, you are going to be fully supported to drop what no longer works for you and create from your deepest desires.

This is an all in support… mentoring, healing and 1:1 support.

As soon as you join, you will be taken into the diary to schedule your first 1:1 power session.

Choose an option to get started:

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Pay monthly and decide how long to be supported for.

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Go yearly and lock your rates in. Also save £500 on monthly special offer.

Member Journey:

Member Journey:

Inner power game programme is beautiful place to feel safe being naked. With struggles going on…

You are encouraged to embrace whatever is showing up. Folake is absolutely amazing and what she is doing I know without doubt she is meant to do.

Her caring angelic nature is nurturing us all with reminders, check ups, love, incredible support and very strong connection. 

It’s not so easy to describe and I know for sure its unique experience with Folake, whether its in 1:1 session or its our circle meeting, or whatever else, this Folake is magic ❤️ 

Transformations is happening within me starting from the first womb meditation challenge. I have more inner peace and connection with myself and feel reconnected…

All in all it feels like everything is changing… It feels marvellous 🙂

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