Heal, Create, Transform

A day of inner transformation, clarity and stepping into your desires without fear or emotional bagage…

A powerful day to:

  • Integrate body, mind and soul to feel complete, whole and worthy.

  • Raise your vibration by harnessing the energies of your divine soul blueprint.

  • Find balance and feel more in control of your life, moving away from overwhelm, anxiety or fear of the unknown.

  • Let your intuition and wisdom guide you for clarity and guidance.

  • Let Folake hold space for you to fully create in your most highest self.



Using a series of powerful energetic practices for rapid transformation, you will…

⇒ Tune into the message of your soul and re-integrate.

⇒ Tap into your wisdom and creativity to fully be in your feminine power to birth your vision.

⇒ Healing and reconnect back to your true self and unplug from the head space.

⇒ Tap into your higher consciousness to design your year just as your soul desires.

⇒ Drop energetic blocks from the previous years that no longer serves you, tap back into your power, courage, creativity and your true desires.

⇒ Plant your soul intentions for what you want to create / call in for 2020 and energetic embody this blueprint.

⇒ Nurture your body & soul to fully integrate.

And More…

You will need loose clothing as a lot of movement and relaxation.


You will open your mind, tap into your inner world and let go of what no longer serves, ready to fully rock 2020 in whatever way your soul desires.


? Full day (11 to 5pm) with Folake in London, dropping all that no longer serves you and leave with a clear plan on your next soul desire.

? Nutritious food and intimate cosy atmosphere that truly supports your day of soul integration.


Folake will hold space for you for a whole month after your session!

? Follow up online 1:1 hour accountability/ planning/ healing session.

? Email support for a whole 30 days after your session.

? Free access to one of the Inner Power Game weekly healing meditation session, for a month.

Reserve Your Soul Integration Day

What my ladies say….

I’ve been amazed that even after one healing meditation, she transformed my energetic vibe and I felt revitalised and ready to take things on at a level I had not been close to in many years…


I had been experiencing fractured times and the focus on my authentic inner self during the day enabled me to let go of emotions and energy that were keeping me stuck and I felt joy and release.


What I love the most about Folake is that she’s been through it all, she understands what women go through and will help you stand on your two feet. Firmly, and beautifully, as you meant to.


"Before I started working with Folake, I was fed up with everything, depressed with how my life is going and I felt I was not in control and I wanted someone to guide me.

Now, I'm learning to be grounded for example during stressful times at work I am able to cope better with my demanding job and the people around me. Also I'm reconnecting with myself and with my passions again!

... It's hard to choose a favorite because I also love the group meditation and 1:1 with Folake.. It just works altogether. 

I feel more grounded and that helps me in social life and at work. And slowly helps me figuring out what I really want to do next.
I would say that every woman with any problem would benefit because Folake gives a safe space where you can ground yourself and get in touch with your passions and from there work on your future."

"My life was completely out of balance. I had no time, was constantly tired and felt I had no energy to get through day to day tasks. My energies went in to 'keeping up a strong professional approach' at work so there was little left for me or my family at the end of that. I was resentful about not being able to do more or keep up with the pressures of life as a mum. This had knock on effects on my family and relationships.

My joining the group has been an investment in me and gives me some structure and guidance at an emotional and spiritual level, something I was desperately lacking from my existing 'world'. Very quickly it became apparent I was 'at home', she cares so deeply for my well being and can so gently but effectively guide you through by  drawing on her personal experiences and her knowledge of how to get the best from people. I've been amazed that even after one healing meditation, she transformed my energetic vibe and I felt revitalised and ready to take things on at a level I had not been close to in many years...


 I believe everything I have been through has brought me and prepared me for the work I do today. Guiding women back to their power to heal, transform and create with intention.

I understand the issues you’re dealing with... challenging corporate environments, dealing with major relationship breakup, single motherhood, starting over and living through it.

As an Energy Transformation Alchemist, I will hold the space for your own self-discovery, healing and transformation perhaps unlike anything you’ve experienced until now.

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