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Powerful practices to survive the madness and expectations of the holiday season.

Powerful practices to survive the madness and expectations of the holiday season.

The holiday season can be a hectic, energy draining and for some a time of anxiety.

✨ Who do you invite? 
✨ Who do you say No to? 
✨ How do you say No and not feel bad or them not feel bad?
✨ How to deal with your Mum? How to deal with your dad?
✨ How to emotionally survive the family drama that always come up?

These are just some of the occurring themes I see with almost all the women I am currently supporting.

So here are three powerful energetic practices I am working with almost each of my ladies with that may help you too…

✨ Practice good breathing during this period. Knowing how to breath properly will regulate your body, maintain your immune system, help you sleep better and energise you when you need it.

The key ? here practicing longer breaths engaging your diaphragm. Normally, most tend to breath shallow and fast.

✨ Practice working from your womb (and men your gut). For this will help you stay in your power ?? and grounded in your will to deal with challenges.

✨ Practice boundaries. This month we had an exercise of creating a set of boundaries. Surprisingly enough the resistant to create boundaries is there for most – as they feel it pushes people away. The magic of creating boundaries however is that it has the opposite effect. 

It helps YOU put YOU first – so you are full and able to really be there/ give to others. Energetically as well, its a game changer, for most time you don’t have to say much (you are just energetically emitting your powerful set boundaries).

I hope the above helps. Love your thoughts too.

How do you survive the madness and expectations over this holiday period?

Ps: If all fails, be like this guy and party by yourself. He is happy ?

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