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This may be why you feel stressed out and not in flow.

This may be why you feel stressed out and not in flow.

The idea of SEPARATION is the cause of stress, anxiety and the death of many dreams and hopes.

When we see 
✨ ourselves separated from others
✨ our passion separated from our living
✨ our desires separated from our necessities

We start to compartmentalise different areas of our lives.

I believe this is where the root of stress, chaos and inability to step into flow originates.

For to be in flow is to fully own and bring all of you, in all do you – as a whole.

Some simple practices the has made wonders for my clients include:

Start by asking yourself…

✨ How can I start to show up fully as who I am at work/ in my business, without needing to fit into the mould?

✨ How can I let go of control and surrender my day/ people just that little bit more, so I am more divine lead?

✨ And how can I truly begin to believe that I create my own reality from inside out – and not externally?

This simple theme here, I’ve seen changed relationships, manifest big income goals/ desires and transform energy.

How do you see yourself in relation to the world around you?

Big question I know, and I’d love to hear your views. ? 

Share below ??

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