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How to Heal a Heartbreak: Transforming heartbreaks into breakthrough.

How to Heal a Heartbreak: Transforming heartbreaks into breakthrough.


Dealing with heartbreak… my journey and why it is important to heal not just the trauma but the whole dynamic (the story you tell yourself and circles you repeat).

+ My 4 step guide to helping you heal and transform from trauma such as heartbreak into a more powerful you ?

What is your story?

Have you been through a heartbreak, currently in one?

Love to hear from you.

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Why is ‘depression’ such a stigma?

Why is ‘depression’ such a stigma?

One of my 1:1 client felt not so great.

Depressed she said.

Took a while for her to finally say this to me on our first call.

In fact, she admits she hides it so well, not many people know about what she is going through or how she feels.

She is high powered, managing teams and juggling family responsibilities.

From the outer appearance you’d hashtag #lifegoals.

But when she is alone, she just wants to well… you know… not do this anymore. She feels tired, lacking energy, sometimes angry, losing self confidence etc etc etc

Why is there such a stigma attached to depression?

I bet everyone goes through this stage in some form or the other, at some stage in their life?

When did it begin to feel like, people will think less of you, just because you are not able to cope at that period in time?

I see this more and more with busy, high achieving, high powered women.

Juggling so much, keeping up appearance – yet dying inside.

If this is you, stop.

For it only gets worse.

Developing a strong mindset around spiritual and energy practices, is the key reason, my clients transform from overwhelm, anxiety, depressive to happily thriving and flourishing – and quickly.

  • How do you manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression?
  • Do you incorporate any spiritual practices?
  • How do you work on your energetic state?
  • Could you do with a confidential free chat?
  • If yes, I will teach you a simple cleansing meditation exercise that you can use to start transforming back to the good ol’ real happy you.

Message me here and we can arrange a suitable time.

It’s time to start thriving and flourishing even in challenging times.

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