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Have you given your power away?

Have you given your power away?

Why have you forgotten your magic and given your power away? ?

Your ability to create from intuition, creativity, love, beauty, and feel the fire within your womb. ?

In my work, I see women give their power away time and time again.

How do you know you’ve given your power away?

No longer satisfied in relationships, forgetting what truly makes you happy.

Putting your needs to the bottom of the pile, feeling you no longer have the energy.

Hearing yourself say… ‘I don’t feel like me anymore’

Needing other people’s approval for every single step you need to make. Your inner child wounds constantly at play ?

Lacking creativity, operating from fear and constantly in a state of anxiety, chaos or overwhelm …

You get my drift.

What will take for you to reconnect and remember you have everything you need to create what you desire?

That your true state is wholesome, expansive and powerful ✨

On a scale of 1 to 10, how complete do you feel right now in your femininity?

It all starts with awareness.

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