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How to use breath to manage your anxiety, stress level and sleep patterns.

How to use breath to manage your anxiety, stress level and sleep patterns.


This will help you, if you suffer from anxiety, lack of sleep or just getting stressed out with all the holiday season planning and expectations.

One of my clients was suffering from anxiety and lack of sleep.

We are mainly using her breath to manage this, which has had a profound effect.
One major thing she found that transformed her, which you may relate to….

She found that she was mainly breathing through her right nostril. This is the side of the body that prepares your body for activities and keeps your body alert.

Her body was constantly on the go go go and not regulating itself to the relaxed stage when she needed it. And in turn her sleep tend not to be restful.

It is worth noting that for some, you may find that the opposite is the case for you. So your body never feels energised, making you constantly tired. The aim is to get your body regulating between both sides, depending on the time of day and what we are doing (for example eating, fitness or ready to sleep).

On an energetic side, my queen (client) was constantly in her masculine, always wanting to be in control, expecting a lot and then stressing out, which was for sure doing her no good.

Using a 5 mins breath exercise we focused on teaching her body to energise in the morning, regulate during the day and totally relax at night.

Even I am amazed at the result.

She is calmer, still feels in control but relaxed with it and ohh she is sleeping better. This is something that can be achieved with a little bit of guidance and accountability.

Right now – put your index finger underneath your nose, and breath out… three times. Which nose is the air coming out of most?

Say below.??

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