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Give less of a sh*t and let your old crone out.

Give less of a sh*t and let your old crone out.

When women become empty…

It’s very easy to forget what our soul craves.

It’s very easy to forget what makes us happy.

It’s very easy to settle, banishing our wants and dreams to fit into other people’s worlds.

Because for most women, we come second and put others first.

We sacrifice our pleasures for our love ones.

For otherwise, we are selfish, uncompromising and drama queens.

Slowly, gradually, before you know it, you are overpowered, lost, empty, a skeleton of what you used to be… no longer able to give.

Then they say to you

“you are not yourself”

“you are not supportive”

“why are you like this?”

You feel alone and then perhaps left alone ?

And by this point, it’s so hard to get up and start again…

But it’s important to – because, now the old crone comes out.

You see… the old crone gives no sh*t.

She is WISE to know of unconditional love for self and others, fights her battles and if she loses…

Ah! well, guess what – she’s been there, done that.

So to all the ladies, waiting for their old crones to come out – here is to your journey.

And to all those old crones – long may you give no sh*t.

May we find souls along our journey who are perfect for and in love with our imperfections, for they know what a privilege the feminine presence is.

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