Showing up as feminine in your power, in a male dominated environment can be tough… add to that, expectations to juggling family responsibilities.

I remember a couple of years ago, whilst balancing my video production company and taking contracts in tech as a Digital and IT transformation consultant (and juggling being a mother)…

My little one had a school performance (this same time in the year).
And I was expected to go present to some Key Stakeholders.

I almost cried on the way to that presentation. ?
I struggled, wanting to be there to watch my son (6) perform.
I remember getting to the station and the underground was closed. ?
There was chaos everywhere. Everyone had to walk to the next underground station.

To make matters worse it was raining heavily (but I can’t be sure, it could have been my tears ?).

I got there very very late, no presentation and even if I had gone to watch my son perform, I would have got to the venue the same time (due to the delay).

That day pushed me:

  • To find better balance
  • To identify what my top priorities were
  • To better operate from my feminine, listen to my intuition and show up in my power regardless.

Slowly, I reduced the length of contracts taking into 6 months in a year to 3months in the year, later to 0.
Doing this gave me the headspace to figure out what I want and work towards it.

  • What do you want to create in and out of work?
  • Are you getting the headspace to figure it out and plan for it?
  • How are you developing your inner power to fully show up in challenging and sometimes toxic work/ home environment?

Don’t suffer in silence. Where the environment proves to be too toxic, speak to someone.

What challenges are you currently experiencing and how are you managing with these?

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