“You are very brave” she said to me, when I mentioned to a friend something I am doing this month.

“Yep, I guess, I love trying new things, I am so used to it now.” I said to her.

A lot of people I know are scared of change. 
They are very at home in their comfort zone.

The problem however is that, by not trying new things, nothing changes.

Your problems remain the same, mindset same and even if you have big dreams – they are hard to reach.

Beginning of last year I started an intention to try something new every month – an experience, a place to visit, a challenge – whatever.

2020 I am still trying something new every month.

This intention I can truly say has totally brought more colour and adventure into my life.

It has helped in letting go of fear in going after what I desire and opening up avenues to attract them.

This is in me Antigua, where my challenge for the month was to take the courage to eat an Oyster. 
I absolutely hated it! ?

But now, I know what I’ve always known – that they are disgusting! ?

February… what new experience would you try?
Love to hear. ?

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