Your divine feminine beckons.

Ways to work with me…

Let me support you on a transformational journey of stepping into confidence, showing up in the world with authenticity and creating like you’ve never before.

Embodiment Day

A powerful day to tap into higher vibration and integrate body, mind and soul to feel complete, whole and worthy.

If you need to transform out of anxiety, overwhelm and just feeling meh…. This is one of my most powerful offerings.

A day of powerful inner transformation, clarity and stepping into your feminine blueprint rich in spirit, love, health and wealth.

An intimate day of active meditation, diving into your creativity, dreaming out your wishes and leaving out your fears.

Transformational Journey

How about I fully support you on this journey. Guiding you, energetically holding space for your wellbeing, growth and creation?

If you are currently feeling stuck, rigid or frustrated with life, lacking energy to create, or trying but nothing is happening,

It may be that you have disconnected yourself from your feminine essence, your creative life force.

The most exciting thing in life for a women is to feel comfortable to fully embody all her feminine creative ways to birth life around her.

Together we will venture on a transformation journey to fully embody your true potential without fear, so you start to show up as a woman in her power in every aspect of life.

What my clients say…

I’ve been amazed that even after one healing meditation, she transformed my energetic vibe and I felt revitalised and ready to take things on at a level I had not been close to in many years…


I had been experiencing fractured times and the focus on my authentic inner self during the day enabled me to let go of emotions and energy that were keeping me stuck and I felt joy and release.


What I love the most about Folake is that she’s been through it all, she understands what women go through and will help you stand on your two feet. Firmly, and beautifully, as you meant to.


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